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Create, Distribute, & Analyze Discounts, All In One App

Here are some key features of appeAR

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Discover Map for Direct Customer Acquisition

Put your business on the map by offering nearby customers a first-time discount via the "discover" page in the appeAR app.

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"Sweeten the Deal" for Indirect Customer Exposure

Customers share with peers the discount they receive from a vendor, in exchange for an even better discount by the vendor. 

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"Pearsona-lized" AR Marketing

Lower the cost of impressionable AR based ads, from approximately 10$ per impression on conventional AR platforms, down to zero, thanks to appeAR's uniquely efficient, p2p, locally run AR system. Enjoy the benefits of full asset customization and more for AR ad campaigns.

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QR (Hands-Free)
Offer Validation

Easily distribute and validate offers by using QR codes scanned within the appeAR app. Likewise, users can conveniently verify discounts directly in front of vendors, providing a "hands-free" validation method that avoids potential distractions caused by mobile phones at work.

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Seamless POS Integration
(coming soon)

Automatically sync the discounts you make in appeAR to the preconfigured discounts available to tap and apply at your Square or Clover POS terminals, across all stores, with a one-time linking process.

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Discount Analytics

Access a full suite of analytics for vendors to maximize the performance of discounts offered to customers. No more need for hypothetical SEO campaigns to gauge the success of marketing efforts.

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